/Skunk Gets Canned – NBC 7 San Diego

Skunk Gets Canned – NBC 7 San Diego

Tomato juice is a well-known cure-all for getting sprayed by a skunk, and one striped stinker in Imperial Beach realized the can isn’t as helpful as what’s inside.

The San Diego Humane Society was called Wednesday about a skunk
with its head trapped in a tin can.

When SDHS humane officers arrived at the scene, they contained
the skunk in a box and removed the can from its head.

SDHS spokesperson Dariel Walker told NBC 7, “It’s not very
often,” that they get a call like this.

The animal agency tweeted two photos of the “poor little
skunk” and tagged it ‘#WildlifeWednesday.’ A shopping cart was pictured in the background
of one of the photos in what appeared to be a parking lot.

The skunk was not injured, according to SDHS.

The humane officers then released the skunk back into the